Nail care is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your nails neat and clean will ensure that you are not transmitting any bacteria or fungus to the people around you, as well as protecting yourself from germs on other surfaces. In addition, the proper technique for filing your nails at home can go a long way in maintaining healthier nails all year round.

To file your nails correctly, it’s essential to start with a nail buffer (either manual or electric) to remove rough edges and ridges that may have formed over time. Then, after buffing each nail thoroughly, use one type of file – either square or circular – for each finger until the desired length is reached. Finally, for extra strength and durability, apply a nail hardener after filing if necessary.

Is it wrong to file your nails every day?

For years, nail salons have been a go-to for women to get their nails done. But the days of spending $40+ on a manicure and pedicure are over. Nowadays, you can do your own at home with tools that cost less than $10. If you’re not sure where to start or what products work best, we’ve compiled some tips below.

manicured nails

Benefits of filing your nails every day:

  • Keeps them from getting too long and breaking
  • Makes them look clean
  • Keeps dirt from collecting under your nails (gross!)
  • Helps to maintain healthy cuticles
  • Allows polish to last longer because it doesn’t chip as quickly when there’s no buildup underneath it.

How to file your nails without a file?

Nails can break easily, and they’re not cheap to replace. If you file your nails without a file, it could lead to the nail breaking or splitting in half.

Filing nails is the worst and most time-consuming part of manicures. There are many ways to file your nails without a file, but they all require practice and patience.

The first thing you should try is using sandpaper or emery boards to smooth out any jagged edges on your nail tips gently. These techniques are especially useful if you have been wearing acrylics or gel polish for a while and need to remove it from your natural nail bed before applying a new product. You can also use these papers as an alternative when running low on files.

Nails have gone through a lot of changes over the years. From long, sharp talons to soft, rounded nails without an edge insight. And while we still love our perfectly manicured nails with polish on top, there is something so satisfying about a nicely filed set of natural nails that look like they’re at home in your hands.